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We work for success on a global scale

We aspire to be a globally recognized, innovative investment company that aligns investment potential with the highest values through creative and tech-focused approaches.

Our Goals

As OTTO Holding, an investment company that brings traditional markets together with new generation investments, we undertake the responsibility of making investments that will benefit our shareholders while protecting the securities and transparency of the markets. We transform our experience in media, entertainment and other sectors into measurable financial values with technology-oriented investments in fields of activity such as artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), financial technologies (Fintech), gaming (Gaming), and electric vehicles (Electrification). In this context, our principal goal as the Holding is to execute an innovative and progressive growth strategy that strengthens together with its investors.


Our Vision

With our expert team, we rapidly adapt to the future, consistently accomplishing new achievements in today’s business life, and possessing broad-perspective vision and business skills. We shape the future value of present assets with experienced names who are experts in their fields, and with data analysis and realistic predictions. Our unorthodox approach, crafted with creative ideas in the focus of technology, ensure that investment potential meets the highest values. As OTTO Holding, we believe in the universality of success and work with the vision of becoming a world-renowned new generation investment company. We believe that transparency, innovation, honesty and deep knowledge are the qualities that will enable us to become a strong group of companies that provides added value to our stakeholders, sectors and the country.

Our Mission

It is not feasible for investment areas to remain static in a rapidly changing world. To achieve maximum profit, it is essential to make the right investment in the right area – and at the most opportune time. OTTO Holding contributes to development by selecting optimal investment areas with an expert and far-sighted team that merges business life with technology and a profound understanding of our age. Closely following worldwide trends with an innovative perspective, the team believes that data should always guide the development of ideas. OTTO Holding works with the aim of revealing suitable investment opportunities for both small and large investors via its domestic and international activities.